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IPR is committed to each and every client we partner with because we believe our reputation is one of the most critical elements of our success.

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IPR’s intent for providing content is to provide education and thought leadership, rather than marketing and vendor-centric prose. Our aim is to share our insight and expertise with clients & providers to stay informed as they plan, design, build, equip, and/or manage recruitment.

Differentiating Your Search: Filling Tough Searches

Despite popular belief, there is no such thing as an “easy search” or the “perfect opportunity”. Some may say that geography is everything, however there are always challenges even with the most geographically attractive opportunities. Throughout my career, I have [...]

The Close: Completing Your Search

Anyone who has been in the recruiting industry for any period of time has felt the “tough losses” of losing a candidate they knew was the right fit for their opportunity and their community. A “tough loss” in recruiting is [...]

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